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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Urban Outfitters BDG Mid-Rise Cumulus Jeans (aka cloud jeans)

These days there are so many hipster girls all over tumblr and instagram that seem to dress so on trend that it makes the rest of us feel like crap. And after hours of drooling over their super awesome clothing, you finally start to wonder where the heck these 15 years olds are getting all this money to buy their clothes from. Yeah, you're right…probably from their parents. But I know for sure that when I was 15, I felt super guilty for making my parents spend money on me that I always head straight for the sale section. All my clothes were less than $10 and I still remember $12 for a shirt was really pushing it.

Its not like my parents didn't have the money to buy my clothes. I just felt super guilty for making them spend money on me. Heck, they already feed and house me.

Now that I have a steady job, I can finally spend money without feeling the guilt! My most recent splurging adventure was at Urban Outfitters. I bought these super cute BDG cloud jeans. At least they looked like clouds to me… It has 4 zipper compartments. 2 fake pockets and 2 at the ankles. It also has 2 real pockets in the thigh area! How cool is that! And on top of all that, it still has designs on the knees! Coolest jeans that I ever bought. I feel like such a hipster (I know I'm probably far from being one).

After I bought it I searched it up on the UO website and found out that the jeans were actually suppose to be cropped. Well, it must mean that I have shorter legs than the average girl because it fit me perfectly lengthwise. I have wider hips and a smaller waist so I went ahead and bought a size 26. I kind of had to struggle a tiny bit to pull the pants past my butt, but after that the jeans looked pretty good on. The waist was pretty big, but it wasn't overly noticeable. At least my butt will hold them up haha.

In case you were wondering, the jeans were not in the sale section at my local UO store, but somehow they were still on sale. It was originally $79 and I bought them for $39.

So, lesson here today is….know your self worth! If you're really dying to get something and you know for sure it's not an impulse buy, then go for it! You deserve a treat every once in a while. I know that it would've made me a much happier teen if I just told my parents what I wanted! As you can tell, this goes for more than just clothes. Come back for another post on Friday!

 Am I hipster yet?!

 Fyi: Zippers are fake pockets

 Dem cloudy jeans

 Trying to be hipster

 Yay these pockets are real!

 Yes I know my feet are ugly (steve madden)


  1. Jeans alone can be a great statement and I think you got a good buy there!
    I love your shirt by the way, best line.
    Keep it up and welcome to blogger :)



  2. Obsessed with your shirt of course <3


  3. Cool jeans also love your crop top!:)