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Monday, April 7, 2014

OOTD | Floral Tiered Babydoll Dress

Sorry everyone for not posting for awhile, even though I promised to post weekly :( I'm such a hypocrite. I just wanted my blog to look the best it can be and here it is! I'm extremely happy with it and my visions for this blog came true :) Now I have no excuses, so you can count on me again!

Here is a cute outfit that is really easy to throw on. The dress is kind of a brandy melville jada dress dupe except that it has no huge gigantic cut out in the back which I seem to like better. The dress was only $11 and I bought it at Rhapsodielle which is the same company as Fashion Q.

If it's a little chilly throw on a light sweater and some knee-high socks. The one I'm wearing is from Brandy Melville. It's super soft and slouchy which I love!

 Classic outfit! I own about 5 of these dresses and plan on buy more *sigh*

 You can always tie a knot if you think the sweater is too loose fitting.

 Adding a cute bralette underneath is the perfect touch! Need some cute bralettes though :(

 I personally like the sweater super slouchy

Boots from Just Fab

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